Belinda Wilson

Posted on January 15th, 2016 in


Promise on the Horizon, oil on linen, 120cm x 90cm


Local artist Belinda Wilson explores the harsh climatic conditions that growing up in Regional Victoria has on the surrounding country side. Long periods of intense droughts, burning the green pastures and turning them into an arid wasteland are not far from the artists’ memories of her childhood environment.
Life in the country can be brutal at times and the weather it seems has a mind of it’s own, when least expected, it will lash out and create havoc on both crops and the normally evergreen pastures. Belinda’s art reflects upon nature and how it effects are mental psyche, in a somewhat subconscious way, her paintings are a reaction to those emotions yet they have an ethereal presence and the figures placed conspicuously in the foreground appear to be in an almost contemplative state.
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