Claudia Fontes

claudia fontes

Organic and sublimely emotive, the sculptures of Claudia Fontes, which are visceral interpretations of ‘foreigners’ inhabiting the daily environment that she observes on her many walks in the countryside display a quirky, yet idyllic image of everyday life where all types of people and cultures mesh together to work, live, love and play. Where are you from? She ponders, and who are you? What is your story? For, after all, we all have one. Are you feeling displaced, alienated and alone? Or are you relishing in your new world? Have you finally found a peaceful haven in which to rest your weary bones?
Her textured, honeycombed clad bodies appear huddled together in lustful poses, and although minute in actual size, appearing no larger than the artists own hands, they speak volumes, revealing the raw human emotions that are buried beneath the porcelain moulds.
An artist well worth following and observing as she emerges into the forefront of the European art scene. Claudia’s work stands alone in a remarkably huge expanse of creative output, and will I’m sure, gain significant interest as time goes by.

article ”Colossal” by Laura Staugaitis.

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