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NGV Triennial: Summer’s Kaleidoscope

by Caitlin Leishman It’s the final month to catch the NGV Triennial.  On the ground floor of the NGV, even on an inoffensive Tuesday afternoon, you are greeted with the swarming buzz of families, tourists, and even a few art goers all darting back and forth like excited wasps. Initially, the crowd can be overwhelming, so a deep breath is […]

claudia fontes

Claudia Fontes

Organic and sublimely emotive, the sculptures of Claudia Fontes, which are visceral interpretations of ‘foreigners’ inhabiting the daily environment that she observes on her many walks in the countryside display a quirky, yet idyllic image of everyday life where all types of people and cultures mesh together to work, live, love and play. Where are you from? She ponders, and […]

WILSON_Belinda_Legend of Warby Jack_1

Belinda Wilson, Artist, researcher, thinker, by Anita Traynor

  Belinda in her studio Melbourne artist, Belinda Wilson, is currently at the nitty gritty end of her masters wherein she deliberates the widespread effects that weather has on our psyche.  Looking intrinsically at how growing up in Regional Victoria, where sometimes long periods of intense drought can have devastating outcomes on its rural environment, Belinda’s art attempts to highlight […]

tolarno galleries


Brook Andrew…………..           is definitely a highly regarded and easily identifiable force within the current contemporary art market. His recent body of work is no less tame than usual and traverses along our paths with the force of an impending tornado.  Unabashedly provocative, with its heady social context and broadly interpretative text, it reveals the darker side […]


Joshua Yeldham, Rishi, by Anita Traynor, art consultant, blogger, Melbourne

JOSHUA YELDHAM – RISHI SCOTT LIVESEY GALLERIES 16 NOVEMBER – 10 DECEMBER 2016   It’s no secret that I am not just a smidgen enamoured with the works of Joshua Yeldham, whether they be his breathtaking landscapes that portray monolithic mangroves resting by the Hawkesbury river, or the elusive owl, ominously peering out of the canvas, or for that matter […]

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Artists on the Move exhibition presented by Anita Traynor Fine Art, 7th-27th November

ARTISTS ON THE MOVE A group exhibition of four very different artists from Melbourne showcasing their recent paintings, (and some very cool sculptured lights by Daniel Truscott).                                                                   […]


John Olsen: The You Beaut Country, a much loved artist, by Anita Traynor

                                                      fond memories of John Olsen at a Metro opening, in my years as art consultant there, with gorgeous friend Rachel  a toe It is not surprising that everyone is talking about John Olsen this week, […]

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Anita Traynor Fine Art Newsletter / August

Heart warming art during Winter. Welcome again to our monthly newsletter, having taken a break briefly in July for a bit of sun and overseas gallivanting. I headed off to the vibrant city of Barcelona home to one of my favourite artists, Antoni Gaudi.  There was much to see and do, but the Gaudi buildings and my visit to Figueres, Dali’s home […]


Kate Shaw – Luminous Worlds

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  Fehily Contemporary words by Caitlin Leishman   Kate Shaw’s work brings fossilization to the mind – though her creations are the opposite of outdated and weary. Perhaps it’s more of a modern fossil she brings to life. Yes, that’s a bit of a paradox or two, but if you take the time to check out this recent exhibition you’ll […]


Barcelona, whats not to like, by Anita Traynor, Melbourne Art consultant, blogger,

Some of the amazing Public Art Works                                                                                                  Roy Lichtenstein       […]