Artists on the Move exhibition presented by Anita Traynor Fine Art, 7th-27th November

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A group exhibition of four very different artists from Melbourne showcasing their recent paintings, (and some very cool sculptured lights by Daniel Truscott).


daniel_truscott_light                                                                                     Dan’s Hito-Dama ,steel and automotive lacquer

Set within an historic building in the  ‘Arts and crafts style’ of Kinross House, originally the Ministers quarters and built back in 1892, this exhibition bursts with energy and life.  On view you will see the ‘pop-inspired’ still Life’s of Daniel Truscott,daniel-1

                                                            Daniel Truscott, The Delicious Secret, oil on llinen, 122 x 152cm

the monochromatic, New York inspired, photographic imagery of Josef Marzi,   josef-chrysler                                                                                                Josef Marzi, New Yorkfifth-avenue

further complimented by the diverse photo realist (but with a quirky twist) renditions of  every day life by Leigha Whiteleigha-cafe                                                               Leigha White, Monster Cafe, oil on linen, 140 x 130cm

and finally the Impressionist-like landscapes illustrated by Belinda Wilson, which depict the harsh reality of the land and investigate the relationship that the human psyche plays in that role.


Belinda Wilson, Combating Extreme Weather, oil on linen, 121 x 152cm

This exhibition takes us on a journey and the paths don’t necessarily intersect or for that matter meet in in a cohesive manner, you might even suggest that they collide like lightning bolts in a thunderous sky, but it was not my intention to put on a group show where all of the works sit comfortably side by side in perfect curatorial bliss, no,  you have to do some of your own work and that means interpreting the space and images within it for yourself.

“some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” Pablo Picasso….……I love this quote by Pablo Picasso as it embodies the true meaning of art and the artist’s journey.  The artist is on a perpetual quest to interpret the every day existence of our world, some delve deep into their sub-conscious, interpreting dreams, hopes aspirations, others make political protests, a good many observe nature, life, the planets, the stars, whatever the subject or reason behind it,  there can be no denying the power that art wields.  A power to shift our moods from high to low, from low to high, deep, dark, whimsical, absurd, macabre, mundane, frivolous all of our emotions can be stirred by the simple act of immersing ourselves in art.

I think that art should leave you wondering.  It should challenge the senses and engage our emotions, even the simple act of saying, “I hate that painting”, has unleashed a reaction, encouraged a response, one that will perhaps lead to a heated discussion, a debate on what is good art and what is considered bad art.  Of course we all know that the subjective nature of any work of art is open slather, and artists are vulnerable to criticism from so many camps, you the viewer, the academic, the art critic, other artists (the most intimidating of all)!! It is only by looking at art, attending exhibitions frequently, understanding the nature of art that we begin to realize that there is no such thing as good or bad art, there is after all only ART.





Kinross Art Centre, 603 Toorak Road, Toorak, gallery hours: Mond -Friday 8.30am to 4pm.   Weekends by appointment, please call me to arrange a time. (0413 157157)




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